When searching for an accommodation on the website

  • Pay attention to what is allowed and what is not allowed (for example, animals, etc.)
  • Do not follow the third-party links if they are indicated in the description of a property

When communicating with the host

  • You can ask any question about accommodation and living conditions. The more questions, the more accurately you will understand the living conditions
  • Invite the homeowner to make a video call, to see and chat with the person, or ask for a photo of the place of residence, the whole house and the area
  • Ask who else lives in the house or apartment, whether there are children or animals
  • End the conversation if the person is asking for payment or requires free services (for example, caring for an elderly person or sexual services)
  • Ask the homeowner to send you the exact address of your future accommodation
  • Discuss the length of stay and check-in date in advance
  • Do not share your current location or disclose your personal information
  • Never disclose your payment card details and CVV code

During your trip

  • Tell your relatives your route and address of future accommodation, phone / email of the homeowner
  • Write down all contacts for emergency communication in the area you are going to (phone number of police, Ukrainian embassy, local mayor’s office)

When you arrive at the host location

  • Do not settle in the apartment if the person you spoke to before and during the settlement is a different person (even if you are told that the owner will return soon)
  • Never give away your documents or payment card
  • If you feel suspicious or feel threat to life, thank the owner and go immediately to the neighbors, the police station or the city council
  • Make sure your phone is charged and working before you check in

NB : If you notice something suspicious, immediately contact us at

Stay safe,

The eu4ua Team