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After arriving in Germany you may want to start working as soon as possible in order to have a stable and reliable source of income and become independent from governmental social aid. 

Currently, Germany is facing a shortage of skilled workers across different industries, many job vacancies cannot be filled which impacts productivity as a whole. Therefore, Ukrainian talents arriving in Germany can benefit from the market situation and find a job to secure their living with additional financial resources.

There is a high demand for skilled workers in IT and nursing. This is great if you have completed vocational training or hold a university degree - you will have way more chances to find a job faster. However, your qualification must be officially recognized by German authorities. 

Find a Job

You are eligible to work in Germany if you apply for a residence permit in accordance with Section 24 of the Residence Act from the Foreigners Authority. The right to work will be included in your residence permit.

By using the EU4UA platform you can:

  • Discover the most recent jobs in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden other cities across Germany. 
  • Find a job in the hospitality and restaurant business, sales, IT, marketing, logistics, and manufacturing.
  • Weekly updates with new offers for Ukrainians looking for a job in Germany. 
  • Find a job near you directly from the employer. 
  • We collected a range of jobs that do not require language skills or experience.

Browse the job offers we have collected for you. We hope you will find employment in Germany that works for you very soon!

EU4UA is the initiative that helps Ukrainians who were forced to leave their country due to the war, to find work in Germany. Through the EU4UA platform, refugees can find jobs that suit their skills and future plans, while finding free accommodation from the European hosts.