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EU4UA is a French law 1901 organization registered under number W133036180

EU4UA.ORG has been known as the leading pan-European platform that connects Ukrainian refugees with European host families. The platform also provides a vast variety of job opportunities for refugees across all of Europe.

Thanks to EU4UA and tens of thousands of registered families, thousands of emergency housings were represented on the platform. Over 18,000 people have already been hosted and the number is still growing.

Even though out of 6 million Ukrainian refugees in Europe 3 million have already returned to Ukraine, there are still thousands of people who are fleeing regions heavily impacted by war with a deep need for emergency housing. And those 3 million that haven’t returned home are looking for a job in Europe to become more financially independent and have a stable source of income.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we are working 24/7 to bring our help the refugees. The tremendous impact of this initiative would not have been possible without the unwavering and continuous commitment of dozens of volunteers, who at times set aside their professional activity to help the EU4UA and companies that gave us temporary access to their services pro bono.

We have the moral duty to pursue this initiative/venture completely voluntarily. But today, it becomes unmanageable and ethically difficult to maintain our venture based on a design established solely upon volunteering.

Why do we need you?

We are thus appealing to your generosity to finance the development of the platform in form of a donation to EU4UA. These donations entitle you to a tax reduction according to the legislation operating in your country.

The funds raised will allow us to finance the development of the platform and add multiple new services to help refugees from Ukraine and other countries to adapt faster in Europe.

Our goal in EU4UA is to help Ukrainian refugees settle down and organize their new life. More generally, we aim to prove that technology can be a highly efficient solution to capitalize on citizens' solidarity and support vulnerable populations in the event of a war, conflict, or natural disaster.

Our ambition?

"The platform" of solidarity that helps to reduce inequalities in the world.

75% of your donation is tax deductible (donating 100€ actually only costs you 25€)*

French citizens: donations are eligible to tax reduction. 75% of payments made and limited to 1 000€ (art. 200 of the General Code of Tax). Edit: Rectificative finance's law - April, 24th, 2020.

For the portion of donation between 1000€ and 20% of your taxable revenue, the tax reduction is 66%.

French companies: under the legislation on corporate sponsorship and article 238 bis of the CGI, you can deduct 60% of the amount of your donation from your tax, within the limit of 0.5% of the figure of business achieved during the financial year. Beyond that, the excess payment can be carried over to the next five years.

* (Deductable is related to French laws. Please check your local laws in terms of tax deduction)